The Role of a Criminal Defence Counsel


A criminal defence lawyer is a solicitor specializing in the defence of those charged with criminal offense. These lawyers conduct court proceedings, build legal cases and prepare the defendants for their trial. The lawyer represents the accused as an advocate with respect to the allegations made against him.

The role of the criminal defence lawyer is to advise the client on all the aspects of the charge and prepare all the necessary documents and arguments in order to facilitate a fair trial. A fair trial must be able to establish the guilt or innocence of the client and the criminal offence in question. If the lawyer fails to assist the client in these processes then he is not a good lawyer.

In criminal law the role of the defence counsel is to assist the client in preparing a justifiable defence on the charge. This involves presenting proper arguments to the prosecutor in support of the client's cause. They should also be able to cross examine the prosecution witnesses and ensure that there are no mistakes in their presentation. The counsel should never allow the prosecution to dominate his discussions with the client. If this happens the client may not receive all the evidence against him and may be charged with false evidence. The criminal defence lawyer should always ensure that the client obtains a fair trial.

The criminal justice system aims to a just and equitable trial for each accused. This includes a criminal prosecution where the accused person has to prove their innocence unless proven guilty by a court of law. When the criminal case is concluded in a guilty verdict, the criminal defence lawyer would represent the client in order to seek the restoration of their legal rights.

It is the responsibility of the criminal lawyer, to obtain evidence and documentary evidence in support of their client's position. The legal process can be extremely complex. There can be huge discrepancies between what the police and prosecutors consider as facts and what the client believes. The accused can use a private detective or appeal to an expert criminal law practitioner. A criminal defence lawyer will also be able to aid their client in making their own appeals and fighting any charges brought against them.

In order to provide their clients with the best possible legal advice, criminal defence counsel must hold themselves to a high standard. They must perform thorough research and obtain the best possible evidence in support of their client's position. They should maintain excellent communication skills, as much of the appeal process relies on evidence and arguments presented in this way. Find out more on this site.

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